Our Team

Yanhua (Sunny) Liu
Registerd Massage Therapy and Rflexology Therapy

Sunny has been practicing Massage therapy over ten years. Sunny has grown up in a traditional Chinese Medicine family. She has her own understanding and opinions about Chinese Acupoint treatment which base on her over ten years¡¯ experience and her family¡¯s inheritance. She specializes in sport massage and injury recovery, deep tissue massage and PNF stretching. She excels in finding and relieving those painful areas within muscle tissue and making them relax. She has developed a blend of techniques making her massage unique to each client and their specific need for massage. During treatment she aims to work effectively with the client to bring about, pain relief, increase range of motion, decrease tension and achieve optimum performance and to provide injury free training and minimize pre and post event injuries.

Leslie French
Registerd Massage Therapy, NHPC Member.

Leslie Dawn became a Registered 2200 hours Massage Therapist with NHPC in 1999. She graduated at Foothills College of Massage and North Western School of Massage. She is dedicated and committed to helping clients treating various conditions and injuries. She is highly trained and educated. She specializes in deep tissue therapy, soft tissue injuries, Swedish relax; trigger pointe therapy, hot stone massage, sports massage, and acupressure. She worked on International Olympic Athletes for over 10 years providing sports massage.

Joy Zhou
Registerd Massage Therapy, NHPC Member.

I start to become a full time massage therapist since 2013 and have extensive experience working in Chinese medical clinic. My specialty resides in alleviating shoulder, neck, and back pain with the use of deep tissue and acupressure work. Each session is customized to fit the needs of individual clients. I entered the massage therapy field initially to benefit myself through therapeutic touch. I am now pain-free and passionate about helping my clients improve their health and levels of activity.

Emma Sengee
Registerd Massage Therapy, NHPC Member.

I specialize in treating clients using Deep Tissue massage for specific complaints as well as for an overall relaxing experience. My extensive knowledge of human physiology, allows me to specialize in neck, shoulder, and back pain relief. During Deep Tissue work, I address both the specific muscles exhibiting symptoms as well as the postural patterns from which they developed. I use a combination of deep gliding strokes, Shiatsu points, stretching, and other techniques as appropriate. My aim is to give each client an enjoyable and beneficial experience with a sensitive, well-trained massage therapist.

Ruby Yang
Registerd Massage Therapy, NHPC Member.

Yuqing Wang
Registerd Massage Therapy, NHPC Member.

Peter Fan (Male)
Registerd Massage Therapy, NHPC Member.